Cycling in St Andrews

How can I get started?

St Andrews is a compact town, easily accessible by bicycle. Cycling is a great way to stay fit, have fun and make sure to arrive at those meetings on time! 

There is a lot of support in St Andrews to help you on your way. 

We run Training Courses, operate a Bike Loan Scheme, organise Led Rides, have Cycle Repair Stands at DRA, ABH, Main Library, Students Union, the Gateway Building, run regular Bike Maintenance Sessions (Bike Pool), organise fun events, offer advice, and more! All of our events are open to everyone: University staff and students, local residents and visitors. 

Local Route Inspiration

Want to know the best way to get around town on a bike? Don’t know where you can park your bike? Why not check out our Smart Travel Map of St Andrews and/or join us on a led ride.

Cycle Streets is an easy-to-use, comprehensive journey planner advises you not only of the time it will take, but also the route break-down, distance, elevation, calories burned, carbon saved, and how busy the route is likely to be.

Why should I cycle?

Cycling has many health benefits, including:

Improve levels of mental wellbeing
Low impact activity, so good for those who can’t bear weight
Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
Improved management of chronic conditions
Stronger bones and improved balance 
Increased muscle strength and endurance 

Cycling Groups

St Andrews Space for Cycling

St Andrews Space for Cycling is campaigning for safe cycling space for people of all ages in and around St Andrews, and to make St Andrews the most cycle friendly town in Scotland. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

University of St Andrews Cycling Club

If you are a University of St Andrews student or staff member, the University of St Andrews Cycling Club might be for you! They describe themselves as follows:

“If you have a passion for riding bicycles or the enthusiasm to try out this most glorious of sports, then UStACC can offer you the means to supercharge your university experience. From the lycra layered roadies to the filth fanatical mountain bikers, there is a place for your discipline and ability. As well as making the most of the stunning fife countryside we offer adventures to some of the most spectacular riding locations further afield. Our socials and camaraderie are the stuff of legend. Ride Bikes. Have fun. Join UStACC.”

Please see their Facebook group for more details.